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To plan your route with the London Route Planner below:

  1. Enter your current location
  2. Select your destination from the drop down menu
  3. Choose your mode of transport (or on foot).

Powered by Google, the route planner will recommend  the best route to London’s most famous places.

It works on smartphones:  Save our URL to your favourites and the route planner will fire-up the sat-nav on your mobile and guide you to your destination.

Try it now, it takes seconds. Plan your route from anywhere in the UK or Europe (instructions below)

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Simple Journey Planner Instructions
1) Enter a post code or town or city (UK or Europe) as the start point of your journey.
2) Select the tourist attraction from a drop down menu.
3) Click the red ‘get route’ button …. and this journey planner will do the rest for you.


Need travel tickets / information on public transport?

We can help you plan and book your journey with travel options for the main travel operators and public transport, and links for prices, availability, travel tickets <click here>.



Exploring London

Use our mobile route planner to help you  explore  London on foot  and you’ll find ancient and historical architectures  mingled up with sleek modern design.  You might come across the London Wall  that dates back to Roman times. sandwiched between the Barbican and  the cool steel and glass of a myriad smart new offices stretching across to the city.   On foot you can really acclimatise to serenity of Greenwich, on the banks of the River Thames with it’s Royal Parks and Maritime Museum set in juxtaposition against  stunning modern city skyline with iconic designs of the BT Tower, the Gherkin and Europe’s tallest building The Shard stating their presence.  Take a trip over the river on the new Funicular and see the Dome, the Docklands from the air with the Thames Barrier further out to protect the city from flood tides.  For panoramic views the London Eye and the London Cable Car are both an absolute must.


The Taxi option.
If you are looking at your route and have realised it’s to far to walk or cycle, not enough time left use public transport and don’t fancy the prospect of driving hunting for parking spaces, then why not treat yourself to a ride in one of London’s iconic black cabs?

UK taxis are regulated, reliable and offer a safe and convenient way of getting around big cities in the UK, in particular London.  Licensed taxis/ black cabs can be hailed on the street, or you can pick one up from a taxi rank. Minicabs are lower cost and need to be booked in advance, we recommend using only reputable minicab companies.


Where to stay in London.
See the Two Star and Three Star hotels we’ve listed, all with good access to Central London. If you are seeking a little more luxury on your holiday in London, or perhaps on a business trip, then check-out our shortlist of  Four Star hotels, all with excellent access to both financial centres and to Central London.  We’ve also short-listed some high quality self catering alternatives for those seeing more flexibility and/or privacy.