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The best attractions in London are listed on this website. Use our route-planner on your mobile phone for directions to  68 London attractions. Avoid queues by booking tickets in advance and making travel reservations before you leave. Travel to London on business or pleasure and enjoy one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world, steeped in history and culture, over 2000 years old.

There are four UNESCO world heritage sites in London: Tower of London, Maritime Museum in Greenwich, Westminster Palace and Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens. The British Museum, National Gallery and Tate Modern are in the top ten most visited museums in the world and are just three of London’s 170 museums to choose from.

Use this website to plan your days out in London. Many of the attractions are quite close together and there are some great walks and cycle rides that will link them. The views across the river are amazing if walk to Tate Modern from the London Eye and South Bank. If you’re in Trafalgar Square and want directions to London Eye, then set the route planner to ‘walk’ and it will guide you over the Hungerford Bridge with magnificent views of the city if you take the footbridge on the left, or Westminster Palace if you take the route on the right. Set directions to British Museum fromClick for london route planner to 60+ attractions Covent Garden (if you’re walking) the route planner can take through some wonderful backstreets, full of cafes, bars and boutiques. In three clicks our route planner can give you the route (by car, public transport, walking) from your current location any destination.




We can help you plan your journey to London, check travel options, ticket availability, get times and prices and book tickets, with links to travel operators and public transport . If you are stopping over in London, see our hotel listings offering guidance on where to stay in London. We can help you plan and organise your travel and accommodation.

If you are using public transport and need to buy travel tickets to London, or if you are looking for a London hotel or London self catering options then follow the links to our Travel to London or Where to Stay pages. It takes just a few seconds on this website to click through to booking forms to reserve your tickets. Perhaps you’ve checked-in at your hotel and want to quickly plan your day out in London? See our Top 10 Attractions or follow the link to Explore Attractions where we’ve listed over 60 things to to in London, again you can click through to book tickets in a few seconds through this website..

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Choosing attractions

Our ‘top 10 London attractions’ inevitably includes a group of the world’s most visited museums, galleries and tourist destinations, all concentrated within just a few square miles of each other. We’ve provided a route-finder for each or the top 10 attractions together with links for information and advanced online ticket bookings and reservations.

Explore our A to Z of more than 60 London tourist attractions for a more ideas to help you plan your days out in London. Many of these amazing places of interest are free to get into. For those that charge, you can book tickets in advance through our website to avoid the queue at the door. Book on line, in advance and you may benefit from early booking discounts.

London is a cultural melting pot where more languages are spoken than in any other city on the planet. Take a step back into a living piece of London’s musical history at Wilton’s Music Hall which is the world’s oldest surviving Music Hall, built in 1743 and still hosting productions. There are more than 17,000 music performances at more than 300 venues across London. There are now more than 200 shows to choose from every across London (mainly in the West End) including the Globe theatre, the original of which first hosted Shakespeare in 1599. The recently reconstructed Globe is situated on London’s beautiful South Bank, a splendid walk from the Royal Festival Hall.

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Purchasing a London Pass can be cost efficient if you are planning to take in lots of activities in London over a period of 1, 2, 3 or 6 days. If you do don’t already have one, it’s worth including a travel card with your ticket. If you’re on holiday in London, then this is a convenient way to have access to multiple London attractions with one single ticket.


Finding and getting to London Attractions

Either choose from our top 60 London attractions or, if you know where you want to go then, check-out the following two pages on the website to help you plan your journey to the London’s wealth of attractions, entertainment and places of interest:


Where to Stay

If you are staying in the London we have compiled a shortlist of great London hotels, mainly in the East of the capital that provide easy access both to London’s attractions and to London’s financial districts in the Docklands and The Square Mile – aka ‘The City’.

Hotel Accommodation in London
Visitors to London have an amazing variety of hotel accommodation options, from ultimate luxury hotels such as The Ritz, The Dorchester, Claridges, to backpackers hostels and everything in between. What ever type of accommodation you are looking for, UK and London has it on offer. This website focuses on hotels that are star rated standard (Two Star) through to superior first class (Four Star).


Self Catering Accommodation in London
Self catering offers great flexibility, usually more living space and can be a good option for extended stays or for families. This site has focused on high-end apartments, again in the London area.

Enjoy planning your days out in London on our website and don’t forget to take us with you on your mobile phone. Our route-planner could come in handy when you step of the bus or out of the underground for your day out in this magnificent city.